Why Should We Engage in Prayer and Fasting - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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What was once true about praying and fasting under the Law of Moses is no longer true under grace. As Christians, we need to know the truth as it is now in this area. Jesus has given us the same authority over the enemy that He has; we access that power by faith, not by any actions we take. Fasting and prayer affect our senses so that we will not operate by what we see with our physical eyes, but by what we believe. When our belief in God’s Word concerning Jesus’ finished works is strong enough, the problems and challenges we see around us will not move us; this is the point where our trust in Him needs to be. Fasting and praying for the right reasons forces our bodies into subjection to our spirits and moves us into agreement with the Word. Prayer with fasting is a powerful spiritual tool; having the courage to stand on our authority and use it will strengthen our faith.