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Life Saver Sermon Notes: Grace-Based Relationships Edition

Relationships developed on natural criteria instead of on God will crumble; we need supernatural help in this area that the world cannot provide. Life Saver Sermon Notes: Grace-Based Relationships Edition presents study notes from Creflo Dollar’s eleven thought-provoking messages that reveal the impact of godliness in each of our relationships. Letting God teach us the lessons we must learn through spiritually mature relationships makes us powerful witnesses of His love.

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Now Available: Fight for Your Marriage Mini-Book

God never intended for us to live alone and unattached to other people.He created relationships, specifically the marriage relationship, to challenge us and help us grow in love.You both win when you understand that the goal is oneness, being on the same page, and feeling safe with each other. Click HERE to order now!

*Revised and updated from the 2010 mini-book, Fight for Your Marriage

Now Available: Weekly Grace Devotional - 52 Weeks in God's Presence

Grace changes how you approach every aspect of your life. This 52-week Grace Devotional will encourage you to embrace God’s grace and enter into His presence daily. Discover how spending time in God’s presence will help you make better decisions, live more effectively, and lead the grace-filled life that He has planned for you.

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Communion Journey Pack

With these elements, you can partake of communion and track your journey with the Lord, all from the comfort of your home. Click HERE to order your pack today!