What Does It Mean to Be Free from the Law? (Part 2) - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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Grace gives us limitless freedom that was previously unavailable under Mosaic Law. As born-again believers, we are no longer bound by restrictive rules, but this does not mean we are free to continue sinning. The law carried with it the threat of punishment for those who failed to keep all the commandments, but Jesus went to the cross for us and took all the punishment that we deserved. We are now free from the penalty of not being able to obey the law through rule-keeping, and from the resulting feelings of condemnation, guilt, and shame. However, we are not free from God’s moral law contained in the Ten Commandments. We can now be led in love and encouraged by the Holy Spirit, the administrator of the new covenant. He gives us the ability and the power to do what is right.