What Does It Mean to Be Free from the Law? - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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For optimum results in life, we as Christians must understand the difference between the Old and New Testaments. What was once true under the old covenant is no longer true under the new covenant. The Old Testament Is not simply everything that happened between the books of Genesis through Malachi; it consists of the book of Genesis that Moses wrote before the law was given, the books of the law that he also wrote, and the books of the prophets. The law ended with John the Baptist, and the new covenant of grace radically changed the way we relate to God. Under the law, the people could only hear from God through the prophets; under grace, we can now hear from Him through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. If we have been born again and made children of God, we must no longer live by the law or the prophets. Therefore, although the law is useful and we can learn from it, we are not to live under the law, but under grace.