Understanding the Trials of Faith (Part 3) - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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The question of why Christian people encounter trouble at all is something we must understand as believers. We need to shed light on this; some people think trials and tribulations come on someone because they sinned. However, God always has a purpose for everything He does; the trial of our faith is His way of purifying it by removing all impurities of depending on ourselves. This purification process is accomplished through suffering. We must learn to expect to suffer as believers; persecution comes with the territory, but we can depend on God to deliver us from every situation. Suffering pushes us to the point where we acknowledge we need God; it gives Him a chance to intervene so that everyone will know that He—and no one else—is responsible for the good outcome. Reaching the point where we submit our own personal will to God’s will allows Him to burn out the dross in us and teach us to trust Him completely.