Understanding the Power of the Blood of Jesus - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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In the spiritual fight with Satan and his demons, our victory hinges on knowing the Word of God well enough to use it as a weapon against a defeated foe. One of the most important strategies is an awareness of what Jesus’ blood did for us when He went to the cross. The devil knows he has already been beaten and is now only able to attack our souls, which are where our thought processes take place. The only way he can succeed is if we are not well-informed about the specifics of how the blood of Jesus won the battle for us. However, once we do know, confessing and proclaiming it sends the enemy fleeing. This is done by studying the Word, finding the exact Scriptures pertaining to our victory, and speaking them in faith when the devil comes against us. A thorough working knowledge of God’s Word on how to defeat the enemy is our arsenal that keeps us in the winner’s circle.