Understanding Modern Day Idolatry (Part 2) - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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When most people think of the word “idol” they think of a golden calf, carved statue, or any number of other idols from the Old Testament. However, idols are still prevalent today, only in a different form. An idol is anyone or anything that tries to take God’s place in our hearts. The devil uses idolatry as a tool to turn us away from God; most of the world has been deceived by this. Some of the ways the enemy does this is by tempting us to place more value and attention on money and worldly distractions than on God. God can do things that no one else can and He wants to be the one to supply us with everything we need. When we idolize the things that we see around us and turn to them first, we are worshipping false gods. Keeping our priorities in order and making sure God remains first in our lives keeps us from falling prey to idolatry.