The True Meaning of Obedience (Part 2) - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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What it means to obey God has changed significantly from the Old to the New Testaments. Instead of mechanically following a set of rules and regulations to demonstrate obedience, it now means to rely on Jesus Christ. We no longer have to work to earn right-standing with God; we can now trust in Jesus for our righteousness, our provision, our blessings, and the strength we need to love others. Living by faith means constantly depending on Jesus, not on ourselves, for everything we need. Relying on God gives Him an opportunity to work miracles in our lives. Trusting in Christ allows Him to perfect us; when we are in Him, God now sees us through Christ in us. Our righteousness is not based on anything we have done, but on what Jesus has done for us; therefore, obedience in the New Testament is all about embracing grace.