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The definition of what it means for us to obey God has changed from the old covenant of the law to the new covenant of grace. Before, perfectly keeping all the commandments was required in order to receive blessings and avoid being cursed; now, belief in Jesus’ perfect performance in keeping all the laws positions us to receive all of the blessings with none of the curses. Unlike in the Old Testament, our doing is now secondary in importance to God; when we first believe in the finished works of Jesus, our doing will fall in line with our faith. The law tells us to trust in our performance. However, our faith should rest not in what we do or the material possessions we can acquire, but in God’s love for us. Focusing on Jesus instead of on our self-efforts allows us to find rest in His sufficiency. Setting aside all the rules and regulations that religion says are important and simply believing in God’s love allows Him to give us the specifics of what and how to accomplish what He wants us to do.