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The state of our hearts matters greatly to God. It is certainly important to do the morally right things that please Him; however, He wants even more for us to have thankful hearts. Outward obedience just for appearance does not matter if we are not grateful. Genuinely giving thanks with the proper attitude has a way of working itself outward for others to see. Giving thanks in our circumstances is the best thing for us because it keeps us in the right frame of mind and is a powerful weapon to protect us emotionally and spiritually from situations. Thankfulness is how we keep the world’s adversity and bad things around us from getting inside us. Turning our attention to good things aligns our perspective with God’s instead of the enemy’s and forces out negative emotions trying to enter our souls. Maintaining our gratitude brings an anointing from God that removes burdens, destroys yokes, and changes our way of thinking for the better.