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In the Old Testament, the people lived by the Law of Moses, but when Jesus came, He freed us from the law and gave us something better and greater to use to guide our lives. The law was given in the first place to remind the people of their sin and to make them realize they needed God, but the resulting sin-consciousness permeated everyone’s minds. The law kept people in bondage to the requirement that they keep each and every law; no one was able to do that, so God sent His grace in human form to replace the law with a better covenant. What this means for us is that if we have been born again, we have access to the Spirit of grace who gives us victory in every area. Conversely, those who have not been born again are still subject to the law and all its expectations of self-effort. The Holy Spirit is the one who imparts grace to us and enables us to do what the people in the Old Testament could not. He makes the difference between success and failure in our lives.