The Purpose and Essence of Prayer (Part 2) - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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Prayer is an essential part of our lives as Christians. When we pray correctly, we communicate with God and give heaven consent concerning what is already done. The majority of the church sees prayer as an opportunity to petition God; however, begging Him to meet our needs is not prayer according to the finished works of Jesus. There is nothing wrong with praying to ask God for something, a prayer of repentance, or intercessory prayer; however, regularly communing with Him to simply spend time in His presence gives us tremendous power. Praying in the midst of our daily routine is much more effective than compartmentalizing our prayers into a specific time slot. There is a difference between Old-Testament prayer and New-Testament prayer, and the effectiveness of our prayers hinges on whether we pray according to the old or the new covenant. What Jesus did on the cross took out all the work and toil from prayer; it is now to be used to thank and praise Him and fellowship directly with God.