The Process of Change (Part 3) - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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Change is vital to growth and maturity, which is what God wants for us. However, the degree to which we change depends on the degree to which we cooperate with God’s Word. It never just happens automatically; we must be diligent and persistent to pursue God if we want Him to transform us. Our transformation is affected by what we see, hear, and say; this is why it is so important that we intentionally read, listen to, and speak the Word over negative thoughts that pop up in our minds and threaten to stop our spiritual growth. We must also cut ties with our past if it threatens to hold us back from the future God wants to lead us into; this includes not just negative past experiences but also ungodly friends. Being open to correction keeps us on the right path in life, as does depending on God and on those He works through to show us His love. A relationship with God and with loved ones He puts in our path ensures continual change and protects us from becoming stagnant.