The Power of God's Grace - Minibook

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Grace is a precious gift from God. It enables us to carry out any task He has given for our lives. It is the power, the anointing, and the equipment we need to succeed in that which God has called us to do. 

In this inspiring book, Creflo Dollar points out the ability of grace to bring about an anointing to achieve. Because of this anointing, we are able through grace to turn impossibilities into possibilities. We are able to succeed supernaturally in areas where we experienced failure in the past. 

After reading The Power of God's Grace, you will no longer be of the mindset that grace is a license to sin. You will, however, be elevated to the reality that grace is given freely by God to assist in everything you do in life.

Empowered, anointed and equipped to do whatever God has called you to do - now that's truly amazing grace!