The Power of God’s Mercy – CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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Developing a relationship with God and experiencing His character gives us an understanding of how His mercy impacts our lives. Knowing Him reveals His forgiveness and compassion toward everyone, whether saved or unsaved. God has the power to punish and harm us, but instead chooses to love us and be merciful. We all have sin in our lives, but He has decided to be good to us despite what we do; His goodness is what causes people to repent and turn to Him. We could never earn God’s mercy; it is simply His nature to extend it even when we are undeserving of it. Contrary to what religion teaches, we do not have to work hard to deserve His mercy; He offers it because He loves us. Believing and accepting this compassionate, undeserved love—not the act of following religious rules—is what changes us for the better.