The Power of Flexibility (Part 2) - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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God’s will for us is always overwhelmingly good and perfect, but for us to move into His will we must be flexible. This involves a willingness to adapt to changing circumstances and submit to what He tells us to do. A decision to follow God’s prompting requires that we change our mindset to line up with His Word; submitting ourselves to Him is not a loss but is actually great gain. No matter how set in our ways we may be, transformation is always possible; it is God who gives us the power and the ability to change. Walking in God’s will is not always easy; when we encounter challenges designed to stop us we must rely on Him to enable us to keep moving forward. This means abandoning any puffed up, proud mindsets we have and practicing humility. Putting God’s plan first and foremost in our lives before our own plans gives us success.