The Path to Humility - 4 Message Series

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A humble attitude is pleasing to God. Humility is a godly character trait, but it can be a challenge for believers living in a world that exalts pride and arrogance. God very much wants to bless us; He can do so when we avoid being proud and arrogant and shun an inflated opinion of ourselves. A humble mindset acknowledges our dependence on God, never on ourselves. It embraces a servant mentality of putting others first. True leaders are always willing to begin at the bottom, regardless of external pressures to put themselves at the top. Letting the examples of humility that David, Paul, and Jesus, Himself, set allows God to elevate and exalt us.

Messages Include

  • •Defining Humility
  • •How Grace Teaches Humility
  • •How Grace Teaches Humility Pt. 2
  • •The Motivation Behind Humility