The Importance of Understanding Righteousness - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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To be considered righteous in God’s eyes, we must understand the importance of building our lives on the right foundation. Basing our faith on sand, which is anything from self-effort to worldly circumstances or anything else but the Word of God, leaves us wide open to any catastrophe the world throws at us. Building it on rock, which is Jesus Christ, anchors us solidly so that we will not drown when trouble hits. The world teaches us to build our belief system on our good works; religion teaches us to build it partly on Jesus and partly on us; neither is correct. God is seen throughout the entire Bible, but a real understanding of righteousness under the covenant of grace only comes by reading it through the lens of the finished works of Jesus Christ. We can never become righteous on our own; Jesus makes us that way when we make Him our Lord and Savior. Accepting the righteousness He offers us as a gift frees us from our own expectations to perform to earn it.