The Importance of Praying in Tongues (Part 2) - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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Most people do not understand how to pray in the Holy Spirit or the advantages this kind of prayer gives them. Tongues brings us closer to God and gives us access to supernatural understanding. We are in spiritual warfare with the devil; when we feel stress and pressure from the enemy, praying in tongues gives us peace. It allows us to speak to God even when we do not have the right words to utter. Life can be unpredictable and relying on our own understanding can lead us down a blind alley. Praying in the Spirit makes God’s infinite wisdom available to us so that He can lead us down the correct path. Religion has no comprehension of this kind of prayer, though it puts us in touch with tremendous power. When we yield to God in this way and are willing to let Him lead us, we begin seeing amazing results we cannot logically explain.