The Holy Spirit: The Agent of Change - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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Experiencing genuine transformation in our lives involves yielding ourselves to the Holy Spirit. If we have been born again, we already have the power to change; this power is something God has put inside us. When we need the wisdom to know what to do to be transformed, we can consult with the Spirit, who lives in us. He is the one who tells us the details of how to change, and advises us of what path to walk on in life; a relationship with Him positions us to receive this type of clarity and understanding directly from God. When we trust the Holy Ghost enough to let Him go before us and lead us, we begin seeing things happen that we could never cause to happen on our own, things for which we cannot take credit. God wants to bring us the true joy that only comes from being in Him. Letting go of any stubborn resistance to His prompting allows Him to do so.