The Holy Spirit: The Administrator of the New Testament - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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On our journey through life, it is impossible to find the right path on our own. As Christians, we do not have to guess or hope for the best; we have the Holy Spirit who coaches and directs us in the right direction to go. Therefore, if we are to receive the promises we read about in the Bible, a relationship with Him is essential. However, the Holy Ghost is the most misunderstood person in the Holy Trinity. Most people think He is just a shiver, a jump, or a jiggle, but He is a real person, sent to guide, counsel, and instruct us. The Spirit leads us away from the mindset of Mosaic Law that says we must do something to earn God’s blessings, and reveals to us that we receive them simply by believing in Jesus Christ. Our lives will never be the same when we receive the Holy Spirit by faith and let Him do everything we are not capable of doing by ourselves.