The Contrast: Self-Effort vs. Rest (Part 2) - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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The comparison between the old and new covenants takes on significance when we understand where we have been. At one time, man was under the constrictive, condemning Law of Moses; Jesus freed us from it and offered us grace instead. We must ask ourselves whether we are living our lives by the law or by grace. Christianity did not exist before Jesus Christ came; therefore, Christians who are trying to follow Old-Testament law are living by the wrong standards. We must be careful to rightly divide not only the old and new testaments, but also what we read in the New Testament. Since Jesus was perfectly fulfilling all of the law during His ministry, some of what He said was law-based. If we are looking for true peace and real rest, we must let go of our self-efforts and look to Jesus. Good things we could never take credit for will begin showing up in our lives when we start believing in God’s works instead of our own.