The Behavior and Character of the Last Day Society (Part 3) - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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In the days just before Jesus’ return, we are seeing a marked increase in ungodly behavior, including a surge in ingratitude. More people than ever before are unappreciative of kindness shown to them. It is God’s will that we are thankful; however, everywhere we look we see thankless, ungrateful attitudes displayed by people wanting to grumble and complain. Our mindset s importanthaving a bad attitude hardens our hearts and makes us proud. Slander is another verbal sin to beware of; evil speech has the potential of being our downfall. Unlike the believer who earnestly expects Jesus’ return and is living a godly lifestyle, the world has become enslaved to its carnal desires and is completely unprepared for Jesus. Allowing the Holy Spirit to teach us the kind of lifestyle pleasing to God will fully prepare us for when He comes back.