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To experience any degree of success in our lives, we must move away from thinking we can get the job done all by ourselves. Even with the best of intentions, we will never be able to stop sinning and improve our behavior through our own efforts; we need the Holy Spirit’s help for that. The Holy Ghost is not an “it” or a thing—He is a real person and the one who administers the new covenant of grace. By working in us, He changes us from the inside and replaces our old sinful desires with the desire to do what pleases God. However, He can only do this when we go deeper than simply believing in Him with our intellectual minds and trust Him in all circumstances. Every sinful act springs from unbelief that Jesus has made available to us everything we need in life; the Spirit’s job is to point out to us when we fall into that snare. Complete reliance on the Holy Spirit grants Him access to having the full effect in our lives that God wants Him to have.