Sinning After Being Born Again - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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As Christians, we need a solid understanding of our righteousness as it pertains to our salvation. Everyone who Is born again is completely righteous. Religion tells us that even after we get saved, we can become unrighteous again if we commit a sin; however, this is wrong-thinking that comes from false teaching. We are made righteous by faith in Jesus and in what He did, not by anything we do; therefore, our own works will never have the power to undo what Christ has already done. This does not mean God condones sin, but rather that we must not let guilt and condemnation trap us in a cycle of continuously sinning. Once we accept Jesus and become righteous in God’s eyes, our righteousness is permanent, regardless of what we do from that point on. This knowledge carries great power and frees us from the bondage of sin.