Session 4 - Clarence McClendon | 7:00 pm | Grace Life 2023

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Being born again is a significant event marking the beginning of a new life for the believer. It is the most important thing we could ever do; however, there are levels to this critical spiritual state that most of the church does not understand. Unlike the disciples, Paul saw Jesus after His ascension because he received a revelation of how God operates. This gave him the spiritual vision to write to the church about the significance of becoming a new creation in Christ. Born-again believers baptized into Christ are in Him; this means that whatever happened to Jesus—including His resurrection from the dead and ascension into heaven—will also happen to us. Moving away from deceptive religious thinking and gaining a proper understanding of our baptism into Christ reveals that His finished works assured us of our salvation the moment we accepted Him, regardless of what we do in the future. What Jesus did on earth was not just a one-time event, but the beginning of an ongoing operation that is still happening in the lives of believers today.