Session 3 - Michael Smith | 10:00 am | Grace Life 2023

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God created the heavens, the earth, and everyone in it out of love. The Jews were His chosen people, and for thousands of years, they thought they were the only ones God loved and cared about. They saw their surrounding environment through the lens of Old-Testament law, and waited expectantly for their promised Messiah. When He finally arrived, they were caught off guard and completely unprepared for the message of grace, mercy, and forgiveness He preached. No one had seen God until Jesus, and through the law’s rules and regulations, the people assumed they knew Him; however, Jesus demonstrated to them, by example, God’s loving and compassionate nature. Going by the what the Old Testament says about God gives us an incorrect picture of the way He is now. Changing the way we think and seeing God through the lens of Jesus Christ gives us progressive and continual revelation; it opens our spiritual eyes so that we can see God as He really is.