Righteousness vs. Self-Righteousness: You Choose - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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When we give God our thanks and praise the way the Bible tells us to, we release supernatural authority over whatever situation we are facing.  Biblical thanksgiving is not just a worldly holiday tradition or a  religious activity; it is an everyday spiritual tool we use to live grateful lives. Thanking and praising God for what He has done in each of our lives is a  powerful weapon we use to defeat the devil.  The thankful Christian unleashes powerful forces from heaven that cause things to work the way they should.  When the circumstances look grim, deliberately thanking God turns everything around. We see powerful examples of what thanksgiving can do in the Old and New Testaments both when Abraham thanked God for His promises, and when Paul and Silas praised and thanked God loudly in the midst of their situation.  When we do the same, miracles happen.