Right Place, Right Time (Part 3) - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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On a spiritual level, allowing God to position us where He wants us to be opens us up to receive His favor in our lives. Tuning in to Him enables us to rise above worldly limitations and experience the impossible, as only He can cause it to happen. Being in God’s presence and letting Him lead us involves a refusal to let fear and negativity stop us from moving forward into the future He wants for us. It requires trusting in Him more than in what we see around us. In the Old Testament, people like Caleb, Ruth, and Esther responded in faith to the guidance of the Holy Spirit; we must respond the same way for God to be able to bless us. This type of trust opens us up to healing, restoration, deliverance, and everything else that is His will for us. Seeing ourselves as God sees us, instead of how the world tries to define us, makes anything possible.