Prayer Into Communion - 10 Message Series

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Prayer is extremely important in the life of a Christian. Not only is it how we communicate with God, but it also provides an opportunity to commune with Him. When we pray correctly, we communicate with God and give heaven consent concerning what is already done. Similar to obtaining a permit when building a structure in the natural realm, prayer is our heavenly permit that builds us up and strengthens us in the spiritual realm. Prayer is not forced into a particular time slot or made into a dramatic display, but communing with God and fellowshipping with Him in the midst of our daily lives. Effective prayer brings breakthrough and gives us the same power that Jesus Christ has.

Messages Include:
1. The Purpose and Essence of Prayer
2. The Purpose and Essence of Prayer (Part 2)
3. The Essence of Prayer
4. The Essence of Prayer (Part 2)
5. From Prayer Into Communion - The Holy Spirit
6. From Prayer Into Communion - Praying In The Spirit
7. Praying In Unknown Tongues
8. Five Reasons to Pray in Tongues
9. Five Reasons to Pray in Tongues (Part 2)
10. Why Should We Engage in Prayer and Fasting