Overcoming the Fear of Disrespect - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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A biblical understanding of what it means to be a man frees us from feelings of inferiority, and from any associated fear of perceived disrespect from others. Right-thinking in this area starts by seeing ourselves as God sees us; if we value and respect ourselves, we can treat others the same way.  Respect is necessary to build positive relationships; if we show kindness to someone else, they are more likely to respond to us the same way. A mindset like this sets us apart from the world. Without self-respect it is difficult to have honesty, confidence, and integrity; it also opens the door to negative emotions like anger, guilt, shame, regret, and feelings of being unworthy. Once we realize how much God loves and values us, we can correct our thinking and improve any negative self-image we may have about ourselves. Letting God change our mentality frees us from demonic influences that attack our thought lives, and allows us to experience life the way He wants us to.