Overcoming Negative Emotions with Thanksgiving - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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We are in the midst of a spiritual battle against the devil, and we gain the upper hand when we learn to control our emotions. Satan tries to use negative emotions against us, but he is rendered powerless when we take authority in the emotional realm. Life is by no means perfect and bad things happen, but God has given us His Word on what to do when we are attacked by negative feelings. Rejoicing and giving God thanks and praise in the midst of a situation may seem strange at first to our intellectual understanding, but He has a good reason for this type of response. Using the Word as a weapon against depression when it tries to sweep us away gives us victory. Using the power of thanksgiving and gratitude is a major way we deal with all negative emotions. Thanking and praising God gives us victory over whatever ungodly feelings we may be experiencing at the moment.