Overcoming Approval Addiction - 2 Message Series

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It is a huge mistake to determine our value and sense of self-worth by what other people think of us. The craving for others’ validation and the fear of rejection can destroy our mental health, cause us to focus on the wrong things, and actually derail God’s call on our lives. By contrast, living for an audience of one—God—pleases Him, gives us eternal peace, and allows us to carry out His plan for us. Craving others’ acceptance and forgetting that God has already accepted us is tragic; realizing that He approves of us helps us break this addiction. Creflo Dollar’s two-part series, Overcoming Approval Addiction, reminds us that we will not need the world’s validation when we know that we are already God’s beloved, and the apple of His eye.

  • Overcoming Approval Addiction
  • How to Attack Approval Addiction