Maturity Through Pressure - 8 Message Series

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It is impossible to go through life without encountering pressure. However, even though it may be unpleasant at the time, enduring it matures us as Christians and manifests the gifts, talents, and anointings God has put on our lives. Pressure also causes us to grow and develop spiritual fruit. We must never fear it or shy away from it; God uses adversity and trouble to equip us and teach us to trust and believe Him in every situation. He uses trials to purify our faith so that we no longer depend on ourselves, but on Him. Every failure that results from self-reliance can lead to greater wisdom as to why we failed; this teaches us greater reliance on God.

Messages Include

• How to Mature Through Pressure
• Don’t Be Afraid of Pressure
• Don’t Be Afraid of Pressure Pt. 2
• How to Develop in Spiritual Maturity
• It’s Time to Grow Up
• It’s Time to Grow Up Pt. 2
• The Evidence of Maturing
• How to Grow in Grace