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When good things happen in our lives, it is normal to want to hold to the memories on and review them later in our minds. However, when bad things happen, holding to them is dangerous. In these instances it is wise to let go of them and acknowledge what God has delivered us from. Letting go of the negative enables us to eliminate everything that is unnecessary in our thought lives. The enemy wants us to stay stuck in unforgiveness so that he can make inroads into our minds; however, accepting the forgiveness and salvation that Jesus made available to us helps us break free from the devil’s traps and forgive others the way God forgave us. Satan always wants us to look back; however, our past can never compare to the future God has planned for us. Letting go of the anger and resentment that unforgiveness ties us to will deliver and release us from the enemy’s grip so that we can fully experience God’s love for us.