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There is a divine level of life that we can live only through the discipline of grace. This kind of life requires the presence of the Holy Spirit, who teaches us God’s morals and helps us do things that are impossible through our own human ability. He wants to take us to a higher plane that can only be lived on the supernatural level. When we got saved, God gave us the Spirit of grace as a gift; another gift we received is our salvation, which was immediate when we believed. God will never leave us after He saves us; He stays in us and continues working in us until we begin seeing positive changes in ourselves, which are the visible results of our salvation that we are not responsible for. As believers, our dependence on the Holy Spirit to teach us morality and godliness sets us apart from others who depend on their own efforts. Developing and deepening a relationship with the Holy Ghost enables Him to lead and guide us through every situation we encounter, while teaching us the kind of lifestyle that reflects who we are in Christ.