Keys to Maintaining the Victory - 5 Message Series

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As Christians, we must understand the nature of the spiritual warfare we are in. The devil has already lost and we are fighting a defeated foe; our fight is now all about how to receive what Jesus died on the cross for us to have. The devil’s ultimate objective is to get us to walk away from God, but he cannot do so when we are vigilant and watching for his strategies and sneak attacks. This is done by studying the Word, finding the exact Scriptures pertaining to our victory, and speaking them in faith when the devil comes against us. Darkness cannot stand against the light; the light of the gospel will always be able to break up and disperse the devil’s dark deception.

       Messages Include
  • Victory Over Satan and Demons
  • Victory Over Satan and Demons (Part 2)
  • 7 Keys to Victory Over Satan
  • Understanding the Power of the Blood of Jesus (Parts 1 & 2)