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Similar to the new beginning Jesus Christ made available to believers when He was resurrected after dying on the cross, God wants to establish a new beginning in our lives. For Him to be able to do this, we must let go of the old things in our lives that are not needed so that He can begin some new things. The day that Jesus rose from the dead marked the end of mankind’s separation from God and the beginning of righteousness by faith; this allows us to have a personal relationship with the Father. Because of what Jesus did to end the old covenant of the law and begin the new covenant of grace, we can now get born again and receive salvation. This newness even extends to our thinking; everything that has a beginning also has an ending—including any adversity we may be experiencing. Changing our mindset and refusing to tolerate or prolong problems can cause breakthrough for us. When we embrace the new attitude God wants us to have, we position ourselves to receive His best.