How to Restore Broken Relationships (Part 2) - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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Most problems that we encounter in life stem from a relationship issue; this includes not just marriage but also friendships. Success in maintaining any type of relationship depends on building a relationship with God and with His Word, first; this makes it possible for us to be godly friends to others. We mend relationships in conflict by accepting responsibility for our own words and actions and by being willing to talk through disagreements. Managing our emotions by controlling what influences us is a part of the process; sometimes it is better to find new friends if we are trapped in a toxic relationship. Although agape love should be our guiding principle, there are situations where we need to physically distance ourselves in order to practice this. Properly managing our feelings helps us think clearly and puts us back in control of our decisions, ultimately leading to success in our friendships. Prayerfully allowing God’s Word to guide us in building healthy relationships gives us success.