How to Recognize When You're in a Spiritual Battle - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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Believers need to know about fighting in the spiritual realm. When something bad happens, we make a mistake to assume that it happened because we have done something wrong. There is a devil loose in the world, and he is targeting us; his intention is to steal, kill, and destroy. This enemy is real and will fight us every step of the way to prevent us from walking the worthy walk God asks of us. We will be in deep trouble if we are unaware that we are in a fight; it is therefore imperative to know that we are at war and that we must not only defend ourselves, but go on the offensive by using God’s Word. Putting on the Word in the same way we would put on armor gives us the supernatural level of protection we need to deal with an enemy who has already been defeated, but does not want us to know it. Faith in God’s Word—and a willingness to use it as a weapon when needed—keeps Satan at bay so that he cannot harass or terrorize us.