How to Live in the Supernatural (Part 4) - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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There is a strong correlation between what we think about and the state of our hearts. To live supernaturally we must understand this connection, and be careful not to consider what is going on around us in the natural more than what God has already caused to happen in the supernatural. Doing so blocks us from living on a higher level than the world. Whatever we focus on is the thing we become sensitive to; this is why we must focus on the eternal, spiritual things of God and not on the temporary, carnal things of man. Paying attention to the right things gives us success in life; paying attention to the wrong things causes us worry, stress, and anxiety. Choosing to focus on God gives us access to His abilities. Our thought lives are tremendously powerful; knowing how to use that power enables God to lift us above the situations going on around us