How to Live in the Supernatural (Part 2) - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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As Christians, to key to successful living is knowing that although we exist in the natural world, there is also a supernatural world in existence running parallel to the one we see.This spiritual realm has no limitations and is the opposite of the physical realm. We are spirit beings living in physical bodies, made to live on the supernatural level. We reach this level by paying more attention to the eternal things of heaven than to the temporary things of earth. Born-again believers have the same authority as God; by speaking His Word we unleash the same limitless power that He used to speak the universe and everything in it into existence. Living supernaturally means we rise above the things that keep others down and we never have to settle for the inferior things that others accept. Focusing on God’s Word instead of on the worldly things we see around us gives us supernatural results.