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We live in a confused world that knows about God but does not know God, and therefore has no understanding of salvation. Most people get saved to avoid going to hell but miss the real reason behind it—to develop a personal relationship with God. This was why Jesus died on the cross; what He did provides us with that opportunity, which is something simply practicing the religious mechanics of Christianity cannot do. Experiencing God’s presence begins by studying His Word; it then deepens into fellowship with Him, which allows us to begin experiencing for ourselves what He is really like. His nature is not to judge or condemn us, but to love and forgive us and stay by our side forever, no matter what we do. Unlike humans, we can be completely open and honest with God about our shortcomings, with no fear that He will reject or abandon us. A real relationship with Him, in which we let Him walk us through good times and bad, allows Him to mature and strengthen us.