How to Depend on God - 3 Message Series

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We live in a world of people accustomed to depending on themselves and their own abilities. As born-again believers, however, we are called to live godly; this requires total dependence on God. A godly lifestyle is free from doubting His wisdom, love, goodness, and provision. Unlike what religion teaches, this means to have faith in Him, and not in what we know intellectually. We apply this in a practical way when we deliberately seek God’s will and let it govern our lives and everything we do. A godly lifestyle also involves regular prayer as well as an attitude of thanksgiving. Letting God set us aside for His purpose constantly reminds us of how much we rely on Him daily.   

Messages Include: 

  1. How to Live Completely Dependent on God
  2. How to Completely Depend on God
  3. Prayer: The Believer’s Dependence Upon God