How to Defeat the Devil in Your Mind - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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Satan has declared war on us. He is sneaky and devious, and attacks us in our thoughts; his plan is to operate undetected in our lives so that he can destroy us and steal everything good that God wants to bless us with. As believers, we are battling demonic spiritual forces that have been specifically assigned to us. The strategies the devil uses against us include deception, distraction, and suggestions that contradict God in hopes that we don’t know His Word of truth well enough to detect the lies. He has been deceiving people and lying to them since he first appeared to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, and he continues to do so today. Our lives are a product of our thinking; therefore, the enemy tries to derail our lives by suggesting to us whatever contradicts God’s Word. We win the fight when we catch on to his tactics and stand on our faith in Jesus Christ to maintain the victory that He already obtained for us.