Grace Teaches Us to Deny Worldly Lust - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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An ungodly lifestyle is one in which we do not involve God in anything we do, or even acknowledge Him. Accepting God’s grace enables us to deny ungodliness and put Him first. As believers, one of the biggest challenges we face is living in a cynical world that does not believe in God or that Jesus will soon return; considering this, we must focus on Him and not on what is all around us. This involves being on guard against worldly influences and refusing to love a wicked environment that disregards God. We must understand the definition of unworldliness—it is not having money and material possessions, but about having a heart that values anything but God, first, in all things. There is nothing wrong with enjoying what God blesses us with, as long as we live for eternity and not just for the now.  Accepting the wisdom that grace makes available to us allows God to teach us the difference between worldliness and godliness, from His perspective.