From Prayer Into Communion: The Holy Spirit - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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As Christians, our prayers provide us with an opportunity not only to communicate with God but also to commune with Him. Prayer brings us into His presence and strengthens our relationship with Him. However, religion has taught us the wrong way to pray; as a result, many people pray ineffectively and do not get their prayers answered. For a proper understanding in this area, we must know what prayer is, and what it is not. The outward posture of prayer—whether it is folding the hands, closing the eyes, or even kneeling—does not address the inward posture of the heart. Praying effectively does not involve constant repetition, nor is it a monologue; it involves a two-way conversation with God, a desire to please Him, and a willingness to agree with what He has already said in His Word. Effective prayer brings breakthrough and gives us the same power as Jesus Christ has.