Five Reasons to Pray in Tongues - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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One of the most powerful things about praying in the Spirit is that it turns our straightforward prayers into communion with God. Prayer is having a conversation with God; communing with Him in tongues deepens our relationship with Him. Unlike religion that teaches us to pray only at certain times, we can pray in the Spirit, and hear from God, at any time during our daily activities. The benefits of praying in tongues include the opportunity to know God on a more intimate level, increased inner peace, access to spiritual insight, wisdom and direction from Him, and strength from Him that builds us up and edifies us. God wants to give us wonderful things we could never even imagine; knowing Him and spending time with Him opens us up to receive gifts from Him that the world can never receive. Praying in the Spirit is an avenue for Him to do this. This level of trust in the Holy Spirit gives us advantages others do not have.