Equally Created: A Premarital Guide - Grace of Mutual Submission Companion Guide #3

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Preparing for marriage is an exciting process full of decisions. In some cases, there is a wedding to plan, friends and family to contact, and a home to choose to live in together. Yet, no decision will be more important to the success of your marriage than to model it after the heart of Christ. Loving with the Grace of Jesus will require more than nice words. It will require transformed hearts committed to mutual sacrifice. submission, and seeing each other equally in the image of God. Taffi Dollar uses lessons learned from personal experience, such as pastoral counsel and in-depth study, to arm engaged Christians for life as one. This premarital study--following Gender Roles and The Grace of Mutual Submission --is a practical guide to proactive health and not reactive triage. It is a clear approach to applying God's original design for the love you are to offer and experience together.