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If we are to experience gender equality the way the Word of God describes it, we must be willing to set aside all stereotypes we have of males and females. Although men and women may not be seen as equals in the eyes of the world, they are in God۪s eyes. The Bible goes to great lengths to teach us about true submission not just for women, but for men as well. As believers, the decision by husbands and wives to submit one to another is based on the way Christ submits to God and the church submits to Christ. The domination we see in the world actually stunts the personal growth and development of both the husband and the wife, which is not God۪s best for the relationship. True headship does not mean lording over another person, but rather loving them as much as ourselves and ensuring that they grow and develop into their true potential. This describes the example Jesus set, and it is the perfect model for today۪s marriages.